Super-Market Opening Cerenomy in China- Shenzhen

Having concluded an agreement with Chinese corporation VVO, Olympus Olive Oil was represented by the Director and Sales manager in the opening ceremony of two super-markets with specialized kind of foods in city Shenzhen, in China.


olympus olive opening


 After the opening ceremony followed a corporate party . The event provoked the interest of local media and was covered by printed and electronic press.


 olympus in china

 During the event , President of VVO mr. Fan Chiaobin and Director Manager of Olympus Olive Oil had the chance to focus on the exclusive agreement of the two enterprises and the perspectives which were opened.




Mr. Fan Chiaobin indicated in the fact that Chinese People have started adopting the famous Mediterranean Diet, in which the main ingredient is Olive Oil.


olympus china opening


 Furthermore, he expressed his appreciation about the vision and the business plan of Olympus Olive Oil and he marked that VVO aims to extend this agreement in the future.


olympus in-china


Finally, the president of VVO enhanced that the primary goal of VVO is to increase the total number of the stores in China to 300 as far as to become a market leader in the field of food industry.


olympus olive-oil-china


 In addition to Mr. Chiaobin the CEO of Olympus Olive Oil expressed his satisfaction for the complement of the cooperation with such a distinguished enterprise and as he characteristically said, the best is yet to come…

 olympus olive oil china


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