Mousse with Extra Virgin Olive Oil


1) Cake with Greek Pure Olive Oil Olympus Olive Oil


2) Extra Virgin Olive Oil P.D.O. (Protected Designation of Origin) Crete Kolymvari with 5 tastes


3) Mousse with Extra Virgin Olive Oil




For 8 persons- estimated time: 30 min and 2 hours waiting



200 gr. of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
300 gr. of plain Chocolate with 55% cacao
500 gr. of thickened cream (35% fat)



1) Melt the dark chocolate using a Bain Marie. More specifically, put the plain chocolate in a small

pot or in a stainless bowl, which is up to a bigger pot with boiling water. There must be so many

water in the big pot that the bottom of the bowl or of the small pot not to be in touch with water.

We should mix with a spatula so as the plain chocolate to be melt.

2) When the chocolate is melt, get it out from the boiling water, add the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and

mix with it. The mixture must be at 38-40 C degrees.

3) Incorporate the cream and mix it softly so as to become more thicker.

4) You can serve it into separate bowls and then keep the mousse in the refrigerator.